How to add a navigation bar to your blogger template

If you've purchased a Bella Lulu Ink blogger template, it likely includes a styled navigation bar option (most of our templates at this point have this option, but even if it doesn't, you can still get the standard blogger default navigation bar). To add it to your template, you'll need to follow a few quick steps:

Here's the template I'm using. You'll see we have no navigation bar here after I've installed the template. In this particular template, the navigation bar is coded to remain at the top of the blog template, as a sticky navigation bar. Yours may be different.

Now we'll need to add pages, if you haven't already done so. There are a few ways to do this, depending on what you'd like your navigation bar to link to. First, let's go over the Pages section of our blogger dashboard. You can see what this section looks like below. It's very similar to the Posts section. To create a new page, you'll hit the "New page" button:

Create your pages just as you would a blog post, hitting the "Publish" button when each page is finished:

When you've got all your pages created, let's add the Pages gadget to our template. To do this, find the "Layout" section of your blogger dashboard:

Now find the empty  "Add a Gadget" spot either right above or right below your header, depending on what template you're using. Hit that button:

Scroll down until you find the Pages gadget, then hit the little blue plus button next to it to add it to your template:

Here you'll see all the pages you've created on the lefthand side:

To add them to your navigation bar, you'll need to add a check to each checkbox corresponding to the pages you'd like displayed in your navigation bar:

You also have the option of adding an external link if you'd like. This comes in handy if you want to link to an outside URL, like an Etsy shop. To do that, hit the "Add external link" button:

Fill out the necessary info, then hit "Save link" and that will be a new page in your list to choose from:


Next, you can drag and drop the pages you've selected to be displayed in your navigation bar in the order you'd like them if necessary. You'll see on the right a list of pages titled "List Order," and this is exactly what will be displayed in your navigation bar. These are the pages you've selected from the lefthand side. 

When you're all done, hit "Save" and go view your shiny new navigation bar!

Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC