How to activate your Feedburner Email Subscription for Blogger

The templates found in our shop come with a styled email subscription box that matches your template. This allows your readers to quickly subscribe to your blog to receive emails each time you post something new. This service is run by Feedburner and integrates with Blogger. Sometimes when you add the email subscription gadget to Blogger, it automatically activates this service for you, but occasionally it doesn't. If you find that when you try to enter an email address into the email gadget on your blog, you get an error message, keep reading. This is a quick + easy fix!

To start, go to You should see a screen like this one below if you're logged into Google/Blogger (I have a million and eighty-two blogs and test blogs, so yours probably won't look as crazy/overwhelming as mine).

Find the blog you're working with and click on it.

Next, click the "Publicize" tab:

Then find "Email subscriptions" in the sidebar and click on that:

Scroll to the bottom of that page and find the "This service is..." line. If it says inactive, switch it to active and hit save.

That's it! You should now have a fully-functioning email subscription box on your blog! 

Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC