Editing your categories/labels gadget on Blogger

Hey guys! Today, let's talk really quickly about this super simple little change you can make to spiff up your blog! Many of our newer templates have a little styled labels/categories section. This uses Blogger's labels sidebar gadget, we've just styled it to match each template, like so:

Sometimes, though, if you've been blogging for a really long time, you can have TONS of labels. You probably don't want 342 labels in your sidebar, right? ;)

View the video tutorial here, or scroll down for the written version:

To edit what's displayed, hit the little tool icon in the corner (or you can go to your Layout mode and find the Labels gadget there instead if you prefer):

Next, you'll want to select "Selected Labels" instead of "All Labels":

Then you'll see a little dropdown, and you'll want to hit the "edit" button on that:

Once you do, you'll get another dropdown at the bottom with all of your labels. Simply uncheck any you don't want displayed on your sidebar:

Then hit save!

Voila! Easy as pie, right? ;)

Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC