Making your photos fill up your posting space

To utilize one of the extra features we provide with all of our newer blog templates, code resizing for photos, let's take a look at the best way to use photos in your blog posts! As usual, check out our video tutorial here, or scroll down for a less-detailed written tutorial:

All of our newer templates come with code baked in that will resize large photos down to fit your post space. Keep in mind that if your photo is smaller than the post space (say your post space is 750 pixels wide but you're uploading a 650 pixel wide photo), it won't resize the photo UP to fit your post space (in other words, it won't take a 650 pixel wide photo and blow it up to 750 pixels wide) as that would distort the image and make it fuzzy/blurry.

I love the look of justified text and photos that fit your blog post perfectly. It's a sleek, clean look and it's much easier on the eyes! Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.39.23 AM.png

To take advantage, you'll need to upload larger photos. To help your blog's load time, you don't want to upload HUGE, straight-out-of-camera photos as it will slow down the load time if your blog is picture-heavy. A good size I like to shoot for when resizing my photos is 800-1000 pixels wide. This should fit most blog templates and cover your bases for the future if you switch templates. 

Let's jump into the post editor on Blogger. If you click on a photo you've uploaded, you'll see some various options, like so:

For photos that are larger than your post space, you'll want to choose Original Size and left align. This will guarantee your photo stretches from one end of the post space to the other. You can see in your post editor if the photo is larger than your post space if you scroll over:

Here, I've uploaded a photo that is smaller than my post space. I've already selected Original Size (something you should get in the practice of doing on every photo you upload). You can see clearly in the post editor that the photo doesn't span across the entire posting space:

In this case, you will want to choose center align:

Once published, you can clearly see the differences in the two images I uploaded. The first was 1000 pixels and resized down to fit my post space:

The second was 650 pixels wide in a post space of roughly 800 pixels:

It's obviously not always possible to make every single photo you ever upload to your blog a large size, as you may sometimes use older photos or stock photos that you only have in a smaller size. That's okay! Just shoot for larger photos when you can!


Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC