How to embed a Google Form on a Blogger page

Maybe you're looking for something more advanced than a contact form? Google Forms may be your answer! It's a great solution that costs nothing and allows you more advanced functionality for your blog or business needs. 

To start, I'll assume you know how to create a form in Google Forms. If you don't, check out this super detailed video tutorial about the newest (2016) version of Google Forms.

Go ahead and create whatever Google Form you'd like to embed into a Blogger page. 

You'll want to make sure you have the responses set to email to you automatically, anytime someone completes your form (unless you'd rather them not be emailed to you for any reason). To do this, click on over to the Responses tab:

Then click on the little three dots in the righthand corner:

A new box will pop up. You'll want to make sure that "Get email notifications for new responses" is checked. This will send your form responses directly to the email associated with whatever account you are using to create your Google Form. You can play around with any other settings, but this is the one that is pretty important for most people.

Now you'll need to "send" the form to get the embed code. Click "Send" in the upper righthand corner:

From here, click on the code option:

Now we'll want to adjust the size of the form that you want to embed, but before we do that, we'll need to determine what size to adjust it to. Since this will vary wildly depending on what blog template you have, you can use this handy little tool called PiliApp to determine exactly what width to shoot for. 

From PiliApp, follow these steps to figure out your page width:

Now we'll type in that width we just found in the width spot here:

The height can be whatever you'd like, but you'll likely need to play around with it to figure that out (once you embed it on your page). Let's just start with 1000px.

When you're done, copy that code (or click copy):

Now let's hop into our Blogger account and find the Pages section:

You'll need to create a new page (or edit one if you already have a page created that you would like to add your form to):

Switch over to the HTML tab to add your code:

Now paste it in here:

You can now switch back over to the Compose tab and add text before or after your form if you'd like.

Once you're ready, go ahead and save that page and then go check it out! If you aren't happy with the height of the form, you can go back into your Google Forms settings like we did above and change your height setting until you're happy with it.

Alternatively, if you don't want your form to fill the whole width of your posting space, feel free to play around with that number, too! This is total personal preference. :)

Happy Form Making, friend!

Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC