Setting up your Squarespace site quickly & easily

Hello friends! Thanks for sticking around with us and waiting so patiently for us to put this video series together! If you're new around here, we talked in the past about how much we love Squarespace - personally and professionally. While there are certainly times where a more customizable platform like Wordpress is necessary and advantageous, for many of us small business owners, something fast & easy to put together and simple to maintain fits the bill. 

With Squarespace, you can make a beautiful and contemporary site quite quickly, but anytime you're working with a brand new platform, it can be overwhelming! To help, we've been working behind the scenes to put together a series of video tutorials - think of this as though we're holding your hand and encouraging you through the process. Behind the scenes, we really are! We're shouting, "You can do this!" and "Way to go, friend!" 

Today, we've got two videos for you! Depending on where you are in the process, you may not need the first one, but we wanted to break it down to total basics just to make sure we've covered everything.

Video one focuses on setting up your Squarespace site and video two goes into the backend to give you a quick(ish) breakdown of the whole platform. But for those of you who love all the details, never fear! Over the next month, we'll be releasing more detailed tutorials that cover pretty much everything you could need while putting your site together! This series of detailed video tutorials is available to all our subscribers. If you're interested in the deeper dive, you can subscribe here. 

Setting up your site:

Exploring the back-end of Squarespace:

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Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC