How to fix the most common design issues we see on your blogs!

Hey guys! We often visit your blogs when you have a support question or we're installing a signature or just because you wanted to show off your shiny new theme! We see a few issues that come up most frequently - typically missed features or a line of missing code.

We're taking a quick minute today to run down the list of the most common design issues we see. 

If you're a video gal, check it out here! Scroll down if you prefer written tutorials.


This is the number one problem we see - you're forgetting to crop your photo into a square before you upload it and add it to your blog. The code in the blog tells the photo to, essentially, round its edges. If your photo is a rectangle, when the edges are rounded, it will become an oval, not a circle. If your photo is a square, however, when the edges are rounded off, it becomes a circle! 

The good news is, that's a quick and easy fix! You'll need to crop your image into a square and then add it to your sidebar exactly the same way you added it to begin with. Just swap out the existing direct URL with the direct URL of your new, square photo. 

Need help cropping your photo into a square? No problem! Check it out here


Are your social media icons left-aligned instead of centered? If so, you've just forgotten a tiny snippet of code! Another super quick fix.

You'll want to get into the back end of that HTML/Javascript gadget and open up the code file that came with your theme. Find the social media icon code section.

Your HTML/Javascript gadget with your icons in it probably looks something like this:

It has the snippet of code for each social media icon, but it's missing a little bit of code at the front and at the end. Refer back to the code file:

So we'll just need to hop back into that gadget and add that little bit of code to the very front and very end of your existing code, like so:

Click save and go view your blog. You should have nice, centered icons now! 


You may not know that when you add your Popular Post or Labels gadgets, it will typically default to displaying everything you have in your labels, as well as 10 most popular posts. Since most of our themes use big square images in the sidebar, you definitely don't want 10 most popular posts clogging up your sidebar. 

To edit your popular posts, get into the backend of that gadget and edit the number displayed to something smaller, like 3 or 4.