How to enable gadgets on mobile view

While your template should default with your basic gadgets visible on mobile view (beneath your posts), this doesn't always happen. Sometimes it's because your blog is quite established and you already had a bunch of gadgets installed, which can override this feature, and sometimes it's just quirky enough not to work properly.

Adding your gadgets to your mobile view is a pretty easy task, though! If you're up for the challenge, let's do this!

Start from Template:

Next, click on Edit HTML:

Once in your code, you'll want to click on the Format Template button. It should be highlighted in blue for a few seconds (this tells you it's working), then, when it's complete, should no longer be highlighted. If you don't see the highlight, though, never fear! Just wait 10 seconds or so, then move along to the next step.

On a Mac, click cmd + "f", on a PC, click ctrl + "f" and you'll see a search bar pop up. In the search bar, paste the following:


As you can see above, you should get a result for this. The full piece of code will say mobile='yes'

This is the piece of code that tells Blogger to make this gadget viewable from mobile devices. 

Now we'll need to add this exact piece of code to any gadget that isn't displaying on your mobile view that you would like to display. Not all gadgets will look good on mobile view, so you'll want to experiment with this.

Below, you can see that we've got different id's stacked on top of each other. For example, HTML1, HTML2, HTML3, FollowByEmail1, etc. Beside these, you can see in the template, we have the mobile='yes' applied to all of these gadgets.


But here, we can see there is no mobile='yes' applied to the Follow By Email gadget. 

If we wanted to change that, we'd need to paste that little piece of code right next to the locked='false' code, with a space, just like you can see on the others.

Here's the code to copy & paste:


Now if we saved that and viewed our blog on a mobile device, we'd see the Follow By Email gadget displayed on mobile.

Keep in mind that for many of these gadgets, they use HTML/Javascript gadgets (like your profile image), so if you have many HTML gadgets displayed (HTML1, HTML2, HTML3, HTML4, etc.), you may have to experiment with this, refreshing your blog on your mobile device to figure out which gadget belongs to which HTML number. If your HTML/Javascript gadget is titled, you should be able to see that title in the code:

For example, we can tell that this HTML3 gadget is the search bar:

But some of our gadgets, like the profile image, are often not titled, so you'll just need to play around with this a bit to figure it out.

If you have any issues with this and need help and you have one of our blog themes installed on our blog, don't hesitate to reach out

Chelsea Hibbard

Greenville, SC